Home for the Holidays: The Art of Hosting and Creating an Atmosphere for Celebration with Jenni Kayne & Alex Hitz

Original Air Date Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019

This episode is about embracing and enjoying time with friends and family during this and every holiday season. Hosting a gathering of those you love doesn’t have to be a pressure-filled nail-biter. Taking the time to plan and prep before the event allows you to enjoy the party and experience the gathering as a guest rather than the hostess who never breathes a sigh of relief until the party is over. Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two authors and party planning specialists about the top tips and insights to planning the perfect party for your guests and your family. Jenni Kayne created her lifestyle brand based on her roots in California minimalism and seasonal decorating. And, Alex Hitz wants to get the conversation going by preparing meals in advance, serving traditional
favorites, and creating flow for events.

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Jenni Kayne — Creating an Atmosphere for Celebration:
  • Jenni explains what she enjoys about living the California lifestyle minimalistically. [1:46]
  • Entertaining is all about prepping in advance so you can relax and be a guest at your own party. [4:30]
  • Using seasonal foods and flowers as table decorations re-purposes the things you already have and reduces waste. [8:25]
  • Jenni Kayne as a lifestyle brand started as sweaters and now includes furniture and a uniform. [14:24]
  • How the changing seasons naturally bring color into the home. [22:22]
  • Top tips for maintaining sanity and happiness during your busy life. [25:41]

Jenni Kayne is the creator of the eponymous, laid-back, luxe lifestyle brand that enjoys cult status among celebrities. Inspired by organic textures, thoughtful simplicity, and natural landscapes, she has quickly become an all-encompassing lifestyle brand rooted in California minimalism.



Book: Pacific Natural: Simple, Seasonal Entertaining

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@JenniKayne on Twitter
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Alex Hitz — The Art of Hosting:
  • The dos and don’ts of a thoughtful host. [28:44]
  • Creating a schedule, creating flow for your event, and the element of surprise. [29:39]
  • The goal is to bring back the art of conversation and to enjoy being with other people.38:28]
  • Planning a flawless holiday gathering every single time. [42:31]

Alex Hitz is an award-winning chef, speaker, columnist, event designer, and master host. He has been a frequent guest on TODAY, Access Hollywood, CBS Morning, and more than 40 other television shows. His first book, My Beverly Hills Kitchen, was featured in the NYT, WSJ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and many more. He is a contributing editor at House Beautiful, Town and Country, Departures, Southern Living, and more.



Book: The Art of the Host: Recipes and Rules for Flawless Entertaining


Alex Hitz Website
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Alex Hitz on Facebook
Alex Hitz on Instagram

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