How to Keep the Rhythm: Music for Environmental Consciousness and
Peaceful, Global Change with Ricky Kej & Jeff Oster

Original Air Date Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Music is a universal language. It flows in and out of our daily lives making us happy, bringing us peace, and uniting us with one another. A single song can be appreciated by millions of people of different cultures from all over the world at the same time. Music is a thread that ties together the patchwork quilt of the human race. When musicians create music with a message, that message can generate a vibration of change in the world. A change that can have a long-lasting impact on the future of our planet. Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen takes notes from two magical musicians who are creating music for the mind.  Ricky Kej has spent years creating environmentally responsible music designed to make a positive social impact and Jeff Oster resisted the temptation to conform into the traditional smooth jazz genre to create music that resonates with his soul.


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Ricky Kej — Environmental Awareness Through Music:
  • Ricky describes how he creates his music to make a positive social impact. [2:43]
  • Pollution, species extinction, and climate change are the three environmental issues Ricky considers when making his music on. [5:21]
  • Ricky created his new album, Shanti Samsara, for the climate change summit in Paris, COP 21, in hopes of raising environmental awareness and to impact policy decisions. [11:31]
  • My Earth Songs is a collaborative project Ricky developed to add songs about environmental awareness into children’s textbooks all over the world. [18:30]

Ricky Kej is a Composer, Music Producer, and Environmentalist. He is also a professor at the prestigious National Institute of Advanced Studies at the Indian Institute of Science. Kej has been named as an ambassador for the Earth Day Network. In 2018, Ricky was named in the prestigious “Real Leaders 100 List”.



Ricky Kej Website
@RickyKej on Twitter
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Jeff Oster — Music From the Heart:
  • Jeff describes the personal life events that ended up as the one-word titles to his albums. [24:23]
  • Jeff’s new album, Reach, was created and produced with musicians based on their intuitive reaction to songs during an impromptu session. [29:44]
  • It wasn’t his dream but a day job in financial planning allowed Jeff to create his music not beholden to financial considerations. [42:59]
  • The connection between Jeff and Ricky Kej. [49:22]

Jeff Oster is a dynamic new age, jazz, and progressive rock hybrid often described as “Miles Davis meets Pink Floyd.” Jeff is also a member of the new age group FLOW whose self-titled album hit the top 5 on the New Age Billboard Album Charts in 2018.




Jeff Oster Website
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@JeffOsterPix on Instagram

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