Introducing Energy Medicine Yoga and Advanced Techniques for Optimal Health with Dominique Antiglio & Lauren Walker

Original Air Date Wednesday, Nov 27th, 2019

What would your world look like if you took your power back and completely energetically recharged yourself? How would you show up differently in the world?  Whether it’s religion, spirituality, or science the common themes that run through all of our lives are that we are all interconnected, interdependent, and energetic beings. Ancient practices of yoga and awareness are now being called advanced techniques even though they have been rooted in our entire human history. To gain a better understanding of the true power we embody and to grasp the many levels of our consciousness, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two masters of their crafts who openly share their abilities and knowledge with the world. Dominique Antiglio educates and practices the art of Sophrology to assist people in healing themselves and Lauren Walker stirs up our intuition and spirituality with her awareness of energy and how we can utilize it.

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Dominique Antiglio — Advanced Techniques for Optimal Health:
  • Dominique describes the practice of Sophrology, how it began, and her personal journey to become a master. [1:51]
  • European doctors are prescribing the gentle practice of Sophrology alongside of other medical treatments. [10:09]
  • The relationship between Sophrology and mental health. [13:33]
  • Dominique’s book, The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology, also includes audible guided practices for finding your purpose. [21:05]
  • The challenges technology poses to our self-confidence and self-worth. [22:56]

Dominique Antiglio is a Sophrologist specializing in stress-management, self-development, and birth preparation. Born in Switzerland, Dominique started Sophrology at fifteen years old, learning early ways to positively connect with herself and embrace a new way of living.



Book: The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology: Breathe and Connect with the Calm and Happy You

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Lauren Walker — Energy Medicine Yoga:
  • Understanding the language of energy and how it works in the body. [27:44]
  • Lauren shares her experience teaching her EM Yoga at Norwich University, the largest military university in the country. [31:14]
  • The infinite healing possibilities of taking our power back. [37:30]
  • The interdependent, intuitive connection between religion, spirituality, and quantum physics. [41:47]

Lauren K Walker created Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga) while teaching at Norwich University, the oldest private military college in the country. The huge success of her work there led directly to the publication of her first book. Lauren teaches EMYoga across the United States and internationally. She also trains teachers to teach her highly intuitive, simple healing method.



Book: The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription Energy Medicine Yoga Website


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