Meditation in Your Pocket: The Miracle of Mindfulness Apps for Better Living with Bill Gladstone, Jim Justice, & Anshul Koka

Original Air Date Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Where is your smartphone right now? Is it in your hand, your purse, or your pocket? It’s probably within your reach no matter where you are. What if the next time your phone made a sound it brought you peace and calm instead of unpleasantly distracting you from what you were doing? What if your phone interrupted you to create a space of mindfulness and expanded consciousness?  Sounds lovely, right? Well today, Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with three men who have a mission to raise our collective consciousness through technology. Bill Gladstone and Jim Justice work together to help thought leaders bring daily inspirations through the Vibe app. And, Anshul Koka found the meditation and mindfulness app space lacking a fuller, deeper experience so he created bNirvana so users can customize their meditation experience an experience the miracle of mindfulness.


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Bill Gladstone & Jim Justice & Anshul Koka— How Technology is Being Used to Raise Consciousness:
  • Bill and Jim explain the origins and purpose of light-touch messaging and the Vibe app. [5:34]
  • Trends in the industry reveal books are becoming shorter to match our fleeting attention spans. [10:56]
  • The Vibe app allows Thought Leaders to disseminate daily inspirations to their communities. [12:50]
  • The benefits realized from raising our awareness to the highest and best vibrations available. [23:30]
  • What sets the bNirvana app apart from other mindfulness apps on the market? [30:13]
  • The integration of collective consciousness in technology such as apps and film. [39:52]

Bill Gladstone is an international bestselling author founder of Waterside Productions Inc., one of the top literary agents in the world, a filmmaker and consultant to major media companies. His clients range from Eckhart Tolle to Thom Hartmann to Peter Norton.
Book: The Twelve


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Jim Justice is an entrepreneur with 19-years of experience in startup businesses, focusing on various aspects of internet security, electronic payments, document exchange and web development.



Vibe App Website
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After graduating from the Academy of Intuition Medicine, Anshul Koka and his business partner discovered there was room for a lot more in the meditation and mindfulness app space. Born and raised in India, a lot of yogic philosophy ingrained in his upbringing helped him see the depth that is missing in the mainstream apps.



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