Nutrition and Mental Health: The Crucial Connection Between Your Brain and Your Gut with Dr. Gill Hart & Dr. Emeran Mayer

Original Air Date Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019

90-95% of serotonin produced by our bodies is produced in the gut, increasing the chances that a healthy diet directly affects our mood. Stress and anxiety can disrupt our internal systems and often lead to disease. What if we could know which specific foods cause our gut’s microbiome to become agitated? Would that information allow us to mitigate inflammation, obesity, depression and regulate our immune system? The answer is yes in-home food intolerance tests exist and we are able to make diet and lifestyle changes based on that information.
To find out more about how to harness the power and listen to the innate wisdom of our beautiful bodies, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two MDs who focus on the microbiome. Dr. Gill Hart describes a revolutionary in-home blood test for food intolerance. And, Dr. Emeran Mayer discusses his book, The Mind-Gut Connection.


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Dr. Gill Hart — Discovering Your Unique Food Profile:
  • Dr. Hart describes the difference between food intolerance and food allergies and common symptoms related to food intolerance. [2:02]
  • A simple in-home finger-prick blood test offers clients information about their unique food fingerprint. [6:03]
  • The relationship between gut health and mental health. [9:58]
  • Reducing inflammation through the gut reduce physical and mental illnesses. [15:34]
  • Dr. Hart describes a real-life case study proving the effectiveness of the food intolerance test results. [20:25]

Dr. Gill Hart BSc (Hons), PhD, Cert Mgmt (Open), FIBMS has expertise that covers a wide range of topics which includes food intolerance; homocysteine as a risk factor for Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart disease and infertility; biochemistry of satiety, appetite, and weight loss; liver biochemistry and blood alcohol markers hormone analysis; endocrine testing and pituitary function; nutrition and mental health; gut function, bone markers and diabetes testing; inflammatory markers and vitamin D.



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Dr. Emeran Mayer — The Connection Between Your Brain and Your Gut:
  • Dr. Mayer describes the mind-gut connection and what it’s like to be at the forefront of the microbiome revolution. [27:34]
  • Dissecting the evidence that supports a mostly plant-based diet is the optimal diet for humans. [33:34]
  • How mental stress is directly related to disease and how lifestyle changes can increase well-being. [46:24]

Dr. Emeran Mayer received his MD/Ph.D. degree from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, did his residency at the Vancouver General Hospital in Vancouver, Canada, and his GI fellowship training at the UCLA/VA Wadsworth Training Program. Dr. Mayer has a career-long interest in clinical and research aspects of brain-body interactions, with a longstanding focus on brain-gut interactions in health and disease. Besides being a widely recognized expert for functional GI disorders, he is also recognized as one of the leading investigators in the world of chronic visceral pain and the brain-gut axis. He has published 210 original manuscripts in the leading GI and Neuroscience journals, 95 book chapters and reviews, and has co-edited three books. He is the director of the Gail and Gerald Oppenheimer Family Center for Neurobiology of Stress and has been continuously funded by the NIH since 1989. He is currently PI of an NIH Center grant on sex differences in functional GI disorders, on a consortium grant of brain bladder interactions, and an RO1 grant on brain imaging in IBS. Dr. Mayer is a regular member of the NIDDK CIMG study section, has been president of the Functional Brain-Gut group, and Associate Editor of Gastroenterology.

Book: The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health


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