Exploring the Scientific Formula for Happiness, Transcendental Consciousness, and Enlightenment with Dr. Susan Shumsky & Leonard Perlmutter

Original Air Date Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Many people are familiar with the physical poses and breathwork associated with yoga. But few embrace the comprehensiveness of yoga science which focuses on the ethereal mind-body connection. Spiritual awakenings and divine revelations are sought after communications based on our higher consciousness or higher selves. This superconsciousness is designed to assist us in reaching enlightenment but are we truly capable of transforming ourselves into pure egoless love? To withdraw wisdom and induce illumination, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two yoga gurus about the wisdom yoga wields. Dr. Susan Shumsky who studied Transcendental Meditation with the Maharishi and worked in his inner circle for years shares her intimate experience with the famous Yogi. And, Leonard Perlmutter shares insights about our inner guides who exist to lead us beyond our personal matrix.


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Dr. Susan Shumsky — The Master of Marketing:
  • Transcendental Meditation and the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. [2:33]
  • Susan describes the devastating experience and waves of bliss that arose during her spiritual awakening. [5:13]
  • The 3 reasons the Beatles left India and the Maharishi’s ashram. [7:52]
  • How the Maharishi used unsavory marketing, the media, and the Beatles to spread his message around the U.S. [10:19]
  • Divine Revelation is the experience of having two-way communication with the higher self. [20:12]

Dr. Susan Shumsky has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways. She is the best-selling author of 14 books, a pioneer in the human potential field, she has spent 50 years teaching thousands of people meditation, prayer, affirmation and intuition. Dr. Shumsky is a highly respected spiritual teacher, award-winning author, and founder of Divine Revelation® — a unique field-proven technology for contacting the divine presence, hearing and testing the inner voice, and receiving clear divine guidance. For 22 years, her mentor was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was guru to the Beatles and to Deepak Chopra.

Book: Maharishi and Me: Seeking Enlightenment with the Beatles’ Guru


Divine Revelation Website
@SusanShumsky on Twitter
Susan Shumsky on Facebook

Leonard Perlmutter — Aligning with Inner Wisdom:
  • Yoga is the world’s oldest mind/body medicine and the origin of all religions. [28:55]
  • A simple yoga experiment that proves the interconnectivity of our mind and our body. [32:08]
  • Accessing the superconscious part of the mind assures we will be led for our highest good. [36:25]
  • The 4 functions of the human mind and what Albert Einstein knew about them. [41:35]
  • Leonard explains the concept of sacrificing feelings that conflict with our inner wisdom to create reserves of creative energy. [46:31]

Founder and director of The American Meditation Institute, Leonard Perlmutter is the author of “Transformation” , The Journal of Meditation as Mind-Body Medicine and the award-winning book “The Heart and Science of Yoga®: A Blueprint for Peace, Happiness, and Freedom from Fear.” His Heart and Science of Yoga® entry-level course has been accredited by the Albany Medical College, American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, the Massachusetts Association of Registered Nurses and American Nurses Association to receive medical education credit. Leonard has been a student of Yoga Science since 1975 and a direct disciple of mind-body medicine pioneer Swami Rama of the Himalayas.

Book: The Heart & Science of Yoga: Empowering Self-care Program for a Happy, Healthy, and Joyful Life


American Meditation Website
@AMImeditation on Twitter
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