The Grace of Change

Accepting large-scale change into our lives is often a challenging and disheartening process. When our world falls apart, all of our hopes and dreams seem to crumble along with it. As we crash head-on into these unforeseen changes, we spiral downward blindly into the vast unknown, breaking into bits, before we have the strength and the courage to rally forward once again.

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Exercise (Not Exorcise) Your Demons

We all have demons: things that we fear, loathe, avoid at all costs, or feel guilty or angry about. And demons can be lurking anywhere. You’re trying to lose weight but can’t give up French fries. You just can’t bring yourself to let a call go unanswered during your family vacation.

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WANTED: Humor and Playfulness

The ability to laugh and have fun comes easy for children, but too many people lose that quality once they grow up. Look around. Notice how many people look miserable. Look at their faces while driving. Check out the moms’ screaming at their kids in the stores. With chronic stress being at an all-time high, men and women are suffocating the humor and playfulness that wants to come out. It’s time to stop for a minute and think about your life.

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Alert: Your Boss Has An Industry Diligence and Perseverance List. Are You On It?

Productivity is quite important when it comes to work. Don’t you want to go to work and feel majorly productive each day? What happens when you don’t? I bet you get stressed out. In fact, when productivity is low for whatever reason, tension and anxiety increased significantly, which can ultimately negatively affect your emotional and physical health. Industry diligence and perseverance are godsends!

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Find A New Way To Do That Thing You Do

We all have our daily routines that provide structure and comfort to our everyday life. It is soothing to know what to expect each day. We are after all, inherently creatures of habit. Whether it’s taking a cycling class at the gym that gets your workday started, or lazy Sunday mornings spent with a cup of coffee solving the Sunday crossword puzzle, we can all find enjoyment in our rituals.

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Awaken Your Brain Power And Develop A Fiery Love of Learning

Have you ever been bored out of your mind? What did you end up doing? Watching television or play a video game? Call a friend? Everyone gets bored sometimes and there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, but if boredom knocks on your door more than you’d like, perhaps you could think about

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24 Virtues For Your Personal Arsenal

When the going gets tough, everyone reverts to a different weapon of choice. And our arsenals are jam-packed with weapons that injure our foes: Sarcasm, pouting, snippy responses, the cold shoulder, anger, and denial, just to name a few. But when was the last time you thought about how you actually feel when

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Wisdom is Much Like Fine Wine, So Don’t Rush The Process

If you want to become wise, there are plenty of things you can do to do so. To have wisdom, it means that you have a good bit of knowledge, experiences, and good judgment. The wiser you are, the more likely you are to act on good decisions and create a pretty good life for yourself. In fact, lack of wisdom oftentimes leads people to poor choices, resulting in a host of negative situations and emotions. Have you ever seen someone who is wise and find yourself envying him or her? You wonder how they got such a good perspective and so wise. It’s not necessarily their age because some older people are foolish and some younger people are wise. So what is it? What increases wisdom? First, wisdom is much like wine, as it takes time to develop. The older you get and the more experience in life, the wiser you should become. Don’t rush wisdom. Along with this, there are several ways you can increase in wisdom. Begin to cherish quotes. Wise people are quoted often. It is through their quotes that you can gain some valuable keys to navigating life. Have a quote emailed to you daily and take some time throughout the day to contemplate that quote. You can even write your favorite quotes on a notecard, memorize and embrace them. As you do, you’re more certain to live your life based upon the wisdom of the quotes. Use the wisdom you already have. If your friend or family member is upset about something, offer them the wisdom you already have. If you’ve been through... read more

Enthusiasm Doesn’t Grow On Trees, But It Can Grow

Have you ever found yourself tired and lethargic? You just seemed to have lost your zest for life somewhere along the way? It’s actually pretty common as people get into daily routines and the accumulation of stress adds up. If you’ve ever met someone who has a sizable amount of enthusiasm in life, they have probably learned to utilize some tools and techniques for keeping their energy and zest for life high. You can learn such tools too! “Enthusiasm spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.” ― Norman Vincent Peale Here are various ways you can increase your enthusiasm and energy so you don’t have to mope around from day to day in a constant state of fatigue and apathy. Exercise regularly. Get in the habit of doing some sort of physical exercise every morning. You could do a five minute routine, yoga, Pilates, or hit the gym for 30 minutes. Getting your blood circulating and cardiovascular system excited will give you a good boost of energy that will last you throughout the day. If you do happen to become tired in the afternoon, take a few minutes and do some jumping jacks, a brisk walk, or some sort of physical activity to get your blood pumping to recharge yourself. Join an organization that you are interested in. What makes you feel energized? Rescuing animals? Feeding the hungry? Hiking? Meeting new people? Sharing your skills? Get involved in something that gives you energy and makes you feel alive. Think about what you are passionate about. What talent have you put on the back burner? In what area would you... read more

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