Air Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

During this week’s radio show you will learn about:

  • What is problem gambling?
  • Scientific findings that give understanding of this disorder
  • What made a hard core problem gambler want to stop for good
  • How gamblers and their loved ones can find recovery

Arnie Wexler is one of the foremost experts on the subject of compulsive gambling, and has been involved in helping compulsive gamblers for over 48 years. In recovery since April 10, 1968, Arnie is a is a Certified Compulsive Gambling Counselor (CCGC), and was the Executive Director of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey for eight years. He and his wife Sheila have trained  over 40,000 casino employees and have worked with gaming companies to formulate responsible gaming programs. More here.


Keith S. Whyte is Executive Director of the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) in Washington, D.C. He has over twenty years of national experience in gaming issues.  A graduate of He began his career working on healthcare policy in the office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Mr. Whyte has presented in 39 US states and 21 countries. He has testified before the United States Congress four times and appeared before numerous state legislative and regulatory bodies and is frequently quoted in the national and international media. More here

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