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For your mental health and wellness, learn how to cultivate sustainable well-being for growth and happiness—even under life’s most challenging times.

Happiness Is an Inside Job™

And what’s happening on the inside of each and every one of us is a reflection of what’s happening in the world-at-large, right?

Delicious Stories: Food Adventures for the Mind, Body, and Soul with Katie Quinn & Mandy Lee

Delicious Stories: Food Adventures for the Mind, Body, and Soul with Katie Quinn & Mandy Lee

Fermentation. Aesthetics of food presentation–there are many ways to look at food adventures but Katie Quinn is a firm believer it should be fun as well as delicious! Taste buds are more than just a pleasure-seeking affair, they can take you on an adventure where your everyday food choices take you through a history lesson. Find out how Mandy Lee shares her experience of fusing foods from the East and West

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