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Tune-in to Harvesting Happiness and hear what our positive psychology expert host, Lisa Cypers Kamen, and other experts have to say about the pursuit of sustainable happiness and well-being.

Learn what it takes to sustain a healthy lifestyle, improve interpersonal relationships at home and in the workplace, and maintain true happiness throughout your lifetime.

Happiness Is An Inside Job®

And what’s happening on the inside of each and every one of us is a reflection of what’s happening in the world-at-large, right?


“Having the opportunity to be on the show to talk about journey in using RIZZARR to inspire youth and young adults was a very humbling and empowering experience for me. Additionally, listening to her other guest made me realize just how we all are connected and how we all shape each other. Through Lisa’s beautiful radio show, she reminded me how important it is for us all to go after our passions, despite the negativity and the harshness that is in the world. By doing so, we may bring about a change not only in the world, but also in ourselves. 


by Ashley Williams

“Lisa Cypers Kamen hosts a very interesting and entertaining podcast. I love the variety of guests and subject matter and the fact that her shows always touch upon ways to improve yourself and create more happiness in your life. Wonderful podcasts!”

Very Inspiring and informative 

by Happiness Seeker

“Lisa is fantastic as a host. Anytime I am feeling down, all I have to do is listen in and get a grasp of how to control my own happiness and my own destiny. She has terrific guests as well. A must listen!”

Excellent Show!

by William Isaiah

“Lisa Cypers Kamen is adept at bringing outstanding tools to the professional and layman alike in our universal pursuit of happiness. Her show is insightful and informative along with being endearing, funny and at times emotional. It's a great listen for anyone looking to improve their own lives.”

Harvesting Happiness

by lake4sure

"Speaking about music therapy with Lisa Cypers Kamen on her Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio show was a delightful experience.Lisa certainly understands the healing power of music! She serves as an effective and articulate advocate for the use of music for mental and physical well-being, especially for military, veterans, and their families."

Delightful Experience

by Tina Haynes

“For me, Harvesting Happiness was a great experience. The lectures and discussions gave me a deeper insight into myself. It helped me to change the way I think about things. The yoga and meditation was great too."

Great Experience

by S. Thompson

“A great program and we all need more of it.”

Great Program

by R. Ronson


We’re searching the world for energized thought leaders in pursuit of happiness who inspire people to raise their level of consciousness. If you (or someone you know) would be a good fit as a guest for our show, please reach out to us. We’d love to learn more about you!

We also welcome corporate partnership, product sponsorship, and underwriting opportunities to all those who align and jive with our mission for Harvesting Happiness. 

Thank you for your support!

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