Consciously Curated Digital Self-Mastery with Dr. Ravi Chandra MD & Jordan Reid

Original Air Date Wednesday, July 13, 2022 

Taking time away from our digital devices and engaging in the present moment is becoming more difficult with each new social media app. Each bell and ding is designed to hook us and keep us engaged. When we are conscious and thoughtful about our screen time, we put ourselves back in control of our human experience.

To find out how we can take a much-needed digital detox and re-engage with society authentically, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two authors about their work in the realm of consciously curated digital self-mastery. Dr. Ravi Chandra shares his insights about how social media can be toxic to our relationships and Jordan Reid, shares excerpts from her family life that enticed her to write The Big Activity Book for Digital Detox.

Dr. Ravi Chandra — A Conscious Curated Experience for Self-Mastery:

  • Dr. Ravi Chandra describes the toxicity of social media and how it changes our personality. [1:54]
  • On his website, Dr. Chandra has a mindfulness-based tool that allows users to discern their social media use. [6:51]
  • The inspirational idea of equality in the Declaration of Independence and defining happiness. [8:32]
  • Dr. Chandra discusses how we can diffuse the current trauma cycle when it arises and how we can flourish in a state of interconnectedness. [15:00]
  • Lisa shares a satisfying experience of personal expression when speaking with people with vastly different views. [18:55]
  • Individualism has created some finger-pointing and blame when happiness is not readily apparent. [24:17]

 Dr. Ravi Chandra MD, guest of episode about self-mastery with Jordan Reidwith Ravi Chandra, M.D. is a psychiatrist, writer, and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Facebuddha: Transcendence in the Age of Social Networks is his full-length nonfiction debut, and is the winner of the 2017 Nautilus Silver Book Award for Religion/Spirituality of Eastern Thought.

Book: Facebuddah: Transcendence in the Age of Social Networks


Ravi Chandra M.D. Website
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Jordan Reid — Self-Mastery & the Digital Detox:

  • Jordan Reid and Lisa discuss the challenges of COVID and how to lessen the amount of screen time you spend on digital devices. [28:55]
  • Strategies for finding a balance between real life and digital life to achieve self-mastery. [33:24]
  • Is the coronavirus crisis unleashing our authentic selves to reach self-mastery or is this our panic mode? [41:18]
  • Jordan Reid describes the research she is doing for her new book, The Big Activity Book for Divorced People. [48:00]

Jordan Reid, guest of episode about self-mastery with Dr. Ravi Chandra MD Jordan Reid is the founding editor of the lifestyle blog Ramshackle Glam and the author of two parenting and style memoirs. Her hobbies include creating unnecessary complications, insomnia, and maintaining an impressive collection of fake plants. She lives in California with her two children, twin orange cats, and a Roomba named Thanos.

Book: The Big Activity Book for Digital Detox



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This episode of Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio about self-mastery is sponsored by:

Are We Happy Yet? Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life A boot camp manual for greater emotional fitness. Happiness waits for no one and sometimes we all need support. What is getting in the way of your happiness right now? 

HFactor: Where is Your Heart? — Lisa’s documentary film explores the journey of human happiness. Emotions are contagious and happiness is a universally desired state. We tend to forget we all have the freedom to be happy or the liberty to be miserable each day.

“The very act of tapping and clicking is stimulating to the brain. It is activating us, not soothing us.” @LisaKamen on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“Work toward less attachment to outcome and desire and more of the neutral observer or witness, and then be able to harness our reactivity to these things as they happen.” @LisaKamen on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet “Be a joy generator.” @LisaKamen on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“When we look to our phones to find comfort, some of us are becoming more agitated and choosing to dial back.” @LisaKamen on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet “It's called Cyber Disinhibition, but I call it Cyber Dysregulation, this kind of total change of our personalities which can happen online.” @going2peace on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“Facebook, in particular, tends to aggravate and becomes an auxiliary amygdala going straight to the primitive parts of our brain where we go into fight, flight, or freeze.” @going2peace on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“We are going through a lot of trauma and suffering now nationally.” @going2peace on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“Having the recognition that one can get through the difficult times, I think that's another definition of happiness we have to feed into our system.” @going2peace on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“In the last 50 years, America has become particularly individualistic and narcissistic. Happiness has been equated to getting what you want materially.” @going2peace on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“For my patients, I define happiness as an increased capacity to deal with distress and difficult emotion.” @going2peace on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“I think at the core, all religions are about overcoming self-centeredness.” @going2peace on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“Enjoy the digital arena for what it is and remember to look up once in a while because you might see something really beautiful.” @ramshackleglam on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet “You don't need the endless feedback loop of the news cycle going through your head all day.” @ramshackleglam on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“As the world has quieted I have wanted to be quiet too and it feels healthy.” @ramshackleglam on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet “I wanna write differently. There is nothing like a pandemic to throw things into perspective.” @ramshackleglam on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“In response to COVID, we need to figure out how much of this realization is a fight or flight reaction to the crisis and how much of it is genuine?” @ramshackleglam on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“It's been very freeing, the sense of 'I don't know where I am going but neither does anybody else', but really that's what's true all along.” @ramshackleglam on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet



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