Airs Wednesday, August 3, 2016

During this week’s radio show you will learn about:

  • Blue Ocean Strategy – what it is and how it can benefit you
  • How to gain an edge over your competition
  • Limitless possibilities with strategic innovation
  • A new brand of faith that’s bringing people together


Dr Zunaira MunirDr. Zunaira Munir is a Senior Expert of the Global Blue Ocean Strategy Network As a blue ocean strategy consultant and corporate trainer her client list reads who’s who in business, spanning across a number of Fortune 100 and other prominent big and small companies around the world in a wide range of industries including healthcare, biotech, energy, consumer goods, IT, semiconductors, banking and many more. In the public sector, she has helped the professors apply Blue Ocean Strategy at the national level in Malaysia. Find more here.

Dave Schmelzer photoDave Schmelzer is the Executive Director of Blue Ocean Faith, an innovative network of churches throughout the country that are looking to thrive in very non churchgoing settings.  Earlier, he served for 15 years as founding pastor of what is now Reservoir Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He’s spoken at many universities such as Harvard, MIT, Tufts, USC and Stanford and at churches throughout the U.S. and Europe. Dave is the author of Not the Religious Type: Confessions of a Turncoat Atheist (Tyndale 2008). He has a background both in theology (Fuller Seminary) and the arts (Stanford University and a decade working as a playwright). He lives in Santa Monica with his wife, Grace, and their five children. More here.

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