Original Air Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

During this week’s radio show you will learn about:

  • How photography affects the one behind the lens
  • Hearing the biography, not ideology
  • Using photography to heal
  • The impact of feeling heard


Benjamin-Mathes-UCBenjamin Mathes is the founder of Urban Confessional: A Free Listening Project. Started as a way to challenge conventional actor training, Urban Confessional is a community of artists who believe people should be heard. More here



NIC-ASKEW-960-BANNER-1ANic Askew is an Englishman living in the USA with his wife Caroline and five children under twelve if you include the dog and cat (which he does). He travels the world with his camera, imagination and sometimes family. Nic edits from an attic studio finding peace among the chaos. More here.

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