With L. Steven Sieden and Thomas Frey 

Airs Wednesday, March 30, 2016

During this week’s radio show you will learn about:

    • Buckminster Fuller’s 56 Year Personal Experiment
    • The Essence of Fuller’s Unique Message and Why it it Important
    • What the Infrastructure of Our Future Will Look Like
    • What Emerging Industries Will Surge Ahead



L. STEVEN SIEDEN has been a student of and advocate for Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller since 1981 when Steven spent three months on a beach studying Critical Path. He worked on Fuller’s Integrity Days–the last series of public appearances Fuller made, and when Fuller died in July 1983, Steven began working with The Buckminster Fuller Institute to produce events using a portion of Fuller’s vast recorded archive. He also began learning more about Fuller’s life and ideas, and his research led to the 1988 biography Buckminster Fuller’s Universe (currently Basic Books 2000).  His latest Buckminster Fuller book is A Fuller View, Buckminster Fuller’s Vision of Hope and Abundance for All, (Divine Arts, 2012), and he is working on a third volume A Fuller Way, Buckminster Fuller’s Life Affirming Path To Success.

Thomas Frey is the Senior Futurist at DaVinci Institute, and Google’s top rated Futurist Speaker. Unlike most speakers, Thomas works closely with his Board of Visionaries to develop original research studies. This enables him to speak on unusual topics and translate trends into unique business opportunities. Mr. Frey continually pushes the envelope of understanding, creating fascinating images of the world to come. His keynote talks on futurist topics have captivated people ranging from high level government officials to executives in Fortune 500 companies including NASA, IBM, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Lucent Technologies, Boeing, Capital One, Visa, Ford Motor Company, Qwest and many more. You’ll find more here.