Mothering Ourselves: Healing Primal Wounds to Stand Tall with Bethany E. Webster

Original Air Date Wednesday, May 17, 2023 

How do you feel on Mother’s Day? Is it a day when you turn away from social media because you don’t have a flattering Mother’s Day meme you want to share?

Do you spend time reflecting on your relationship with your mother and wish it would have been or will be different? Many people, including mothers, have a mother wound. To uncover ways we can heal our primal mother wound and be our true authentic selves, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with writer, coach, and international speaker, Bethany Webster. Bethany shares insights about cultural and generational mother wounding and offers healing practices to relieve the shame often felt by our inner child.

Bethany E. Webster — Healing Primal Wounds:r

  • Bethany defines the different aspects of the mother wound. [2:07]
  • In her book, Discovering the Inner Mother, Bethany offers a way to break the generational cycle of passing down the mother wound to children by healing our inner child. [5:49]
  • How the mother wound manifests itself in our adult lives. [8:50]
  • Bethany explains why some can feel a lack of respect from their mothers into adulthood. [15:39]
  • The process of understanding that mothers don’t change because they are giving their best. [17:39]
  • Unraveling the cultural taboo that it is not okay to question your mother. [22:49]

Healing Primal Wounds with Bethany WebsterBethany Webster is a writer, international speaker, and transformational coach. She started blogging in 2013 about the Mother Wound and quickly experienced worldwide demand for her work. Blending research on intergenerational trauma, feminist theory, and psychology with her own personal story, Webster’s work is the result of decades of research and her own journey of healing. Webster speaks, consults, and mentors around the world sharing her growing body of work, which is raising the standard of women’s leadership and personal development. She lives in western Massachusetts.

Book: Discovering the Inner Mother: A Guide to Healing the Mother Wound and Claiming Your Personal Power


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“We often speak about the mother wound as it relates to us as individual females. The impact is much greater than that. Click To Tweet“Mothers in the best of situations pass on some beliefs that they want to protect their daughters and in the worst of situations sometimes mothers pass down the mother wound out of their own pain that they haven't dealt with.”… Click To Tweet“Triggers show us where healing is needed.” @BethanyWebster8 on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“We all have to contend with the cultural mother wound which is women are less-than.” @BethanyWebster8 on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“Mothers are either idealized or denigrated. It's a very black or white wounded relationship that the culture has with mothers. So, when we don't we don't fall into the idealized mom is everything, she's the best, she's next to God, then… Click To Tweet“There is a lack of respect we can feel from our mothers as adults.” @BethanyWebster8 on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet“We also have to do one other thing which is accept that our mothers cannot or won't change. You can model from here to the moon and back, but if our mothers are not seeing the need or desire, or they're too scared to look within, what… Click To Tweet “It's all about self-love. It's all about giving ourselves that unconditional support and compassion.” @BethanyWebster8 on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet “When we do the inner mothering work … It helps you get in touch with your inner goodness.” @BethanyWebster8 on @HHTalkRadio Click To Tweet



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