How to Blaze a Trail to Your Own Personal Best with John Brenkus & Doug Vermeeren

Original Air Date Wednesday, December 5, 2018 

Why do some individuals stay mired in the muck while others rise to the top of the heap of personal achievement?

What personal traits do extraordinary people have in common? If the universe wants us to succeed, how do we harness the power? To uncover the answers your host, Lisa Kamens, welcomes two fellow podcasters who entice people to extract their own personal best. John Brenkus tells tales of the synergy and synchronicity in the universe that shapes lives, on his podcast The Brink of Midnight and Douglas Vermeeren explores the universal pillars that motivate people to master their personal power.

In this week’s episode you will learn about:

  • Blazing your own trail
  • Changing your perception of the inevitable “no”
  • Universal pillars of motivation
  • Speed bumps – how to deal, recover & move forward

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John Brenkus — The Perfection Point:
● John explains the brink of midnight moments that spawned the Brink of Midnight podcast. [3:27]
● Lisa shares her own brink of midnight moment. [8:50]
● John shares some of the extraordinary stories from the guests on his Brink of Midnight podcast. [18:05]
● How to blaze a trail, John shares how he does it. [27:13]

John Brenkus has spent the last decade studying and popularizing the unique characteristics of the world’s greatest athletes. A co-founder of BASE Productions, he co-created the groundbreaking series Fight Science for the National Geographic Channel.  Best known as the on-air host, co-creator and executive producer of ESPN’s Emmy Award-winning show Sport Science.  Brenkus has been featured in coverage of The Super Bowl, Monday Night Football, the NBA Finals, Sunday Night Baseball, and The Masters just to name a few. Through Sport Science, Brenkus has appeared before 80 million people annually for the last decade, has won 6 Emmys, and has written a New York Times bestseller The Perfection Point.
Book: The Perfection Point

John Brenkus Website

Brink of Midnight Website

@JohnBrenkus on Twitter
Brink of Midnight on  Facebook

Doug Vermeeren — How to Attain Your Own Personal Best:
● Doug explains how a star represents the five pillars that motivate people.  [32:15]
● How can we live a life that is satisfying so we can be authentically happy?  [35:45]
● Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich motivated Doug to speak with some of the world’s top achievers. [37:12]
● Common speed bumps we must overcome to blaze a trail to your own personal best. [44:23]
● How to approach a ‘no’ in sales as a transaction instead of a personal rejection. [52:09]

Douglas Vermeeren is known as the Modern Day Napoleon Hill through his interviews and research with more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. His program Personal Power Mastery is rated among the top personal development programs on the globe today. He is also well-known for high-powered sales training with his Influence Selling Program and his popular podcasts Learn to Sell or Die! And Personal Power Mastery.
Book: Personal Power Mastery

Douglas Vermeeren Website
@DougVermeeren on Twitter
Douglas Vermeeren on Facebook

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