Air Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2017

During this week’s radio show you will learn about:

  • Incorporating wellness into all aspects of life
  • Connecting with purpose
  • Using sweetness, structure and space for life makeover
  • Garnering joy in doing for others

Dr. Samantha Boardman is a Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry and Assistant Attending Psychiatrist at Weill Cornell Medical College. She received her B.A. from Harvard University, an M.A. in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Medical Degree from Cornell University Medical College where she was awarded the Oskar Diethelm Prize for Excellence in Psychiatry. Dr. Boardman has published papers in journals including Translational Neuroscience, The American Journal of Psychiatry and The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. Through her website she shares insights from the psychiatry and psychology community with readers and explores the way psychology, culture and science intersect. Dr. Boardman lives and works in New York City with her family. More here

Dr. Peter Borten is one of the authors of the new book, The Well Life: How to Use Structure, Sweetness, and Space to Create Balance, Happiness, and Peace. Also the creators of the Rituals of Living online community and Dragontree, a holistic wellness brand. Peter is a doctor of Asian medicine who helps people attain whole health of body and mind. He has authored hundreds of articles, spanning topics such as stress, emotional wellness, nutrition, fitness, and our connection with nature. More here

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