Airs May 24, 2017

During this week’s radio show you will learn about:

  • The dysfunction of our foster care system & what can be done
  • Psychological symptoms of abuse & why victims don’t usually come forward
  • The cycle of abuse and it’s relation to mental illness
  • Misconceptions about abusers & what parents must watch for



 Dr. Michelle Stevens is the founder and director of Post-Traumatic Success, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring those affected by psychological trauma. She studied writing at New York University before earning her doctorate in clinical psychology from Saybrook University. More here.

Regina Calcaterra is the bestselling author of Etched in Sand, the memoir of her childhood growing up in numerous foster homes, homeless shelters, and on the streets-all the while trying to protect and keep her siblings together. Beating the odds, Regina graduated from the State University of New York and her juris doctorate from Seton Hall University School of Law. More here

Rosie Maloney is a graduate of Idaho State University at Pocatello with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and an associate degree in criminal justice. During her very dark and difficult childhood it was clear to Rosie that the act of giving to others and helping others creates a light that shines on all of us. Rosie’s unpaid efforts on behalf of nonprofit organizations are expansive and ongoing.

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