Original Air Date Wednesday, August 16, 2017

In this week’s show you will learn about:

Religious neuroscience

Brain networks involved in spiritual feelings

How spiritual feelings elevate mood

Spirituality and body benefits

Dr. Pamela Peeke
 is a nationally renowned physician, scientist, expert and thought leader in the fields of integrative and preventive medicine. A three time New York Times Best selling author, Dr. Peeke is a Pew Foundation Scholar in Nutrition and Metabolism, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland, holds dual masters’ degrees in public health and policy, and is a Fellow of both the American College of Physicians and the American College of Sports Medicine. As founder of the Peeke Performance Center for Healthy Living™, Dr. Peeke guides men and women in their quest to optimize their quality of life and longevity. More here.

Dr Jeffrey Anderson MD, PhD
, board certified in Neuroradiology and Diagnostic Radiology directs the fMRI Neurosurgical Mapping Service and is Principal Investigator for the Utah Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory. Dr. Anderson’s lab studies brain networks using functional imaging techniques such as fMRI, diffusion tensor imaging, and magnetoencephalography. Dr. Anderson also has particular interest in autism, multiple sclerosis, vision research, and dementia. More here


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