ways to be happy Harvesting Happiness

1.  Enjoy the company you create by yourself. Embrace everything about you!

2.  Smile or laugh as often as possible. This creates the great chemical serotonin in your brain, which brings your mood up. Smiling is good for you.

3.  Put on your favorite song and sing out loud. You don’t have to just do this in the shower every morning, either. Lock the doors and find your favorite spot in the house, and just let go.

4.  Love dark chocolate? Did you know a small amount can improve your mood? If you don’t believe me, try it and see what happens.

5. Something amazing and wonderful will happen for you if you believe that it is possible. There are miracles – big and small – in our everyday lives.

6. Meditate, pray, journal or whatever your method of spirituality happens to be. People who have something spiritual in their lives are generally happier and healthier than those who don’t.

7. Be able to laugh at yourself. Accept the things you can’t do or the times when you make a mistake and be able to laugh about it.

8.  Sleep will help to increase your energy while at the same time decreasing your bad moods. Seven to eight hours is a good standard for most people.

9.  Remember to count your blessings every day. You can do so at anytime. Gratitude is always available. Just remember to be thankful.

10. Start your day off with happy thoughts.  Attitude is everything.

These are just a handful of simple tips to help you increase happiness in your life. As always, happiness starts with you! Happiness is an inside job.



Harvesting Happiness blog archives, originally published May 6, 2010