Original Air Date June 14, 2017

During this week’s radio show you will learn about:

  • The role of culture and gender in personal empowerment
  • How Wonder Woman’s relationship with mother & sisters influenced her
  • Implementing change for a better tomorrow
  • What pushes someone to act heroically on behalf of those in need?







Travis Langley, PhD is a psychology professor who teaches course on crime, media, and mental illness at Henderson State University. He speaks regularly on media and heroism at universities, conferences, and popular culture conventions including San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic Con, and Wizard World conventions throughout the world. More here



Professor emeritus at Stanford University, Dr Philip Zimbardo has spent 50 years teaching and studying psychology. He received his Ph.D. in psychology from Yale University, and his areas of focus include time perspective, shyness, terrorism, madness, and evil. Best-known for his controversial Stanford Prison Experiment that highlighted the ease with which ordinary intelligent college students could cross the line between good and evil when caught up in the matrix of situational and systemic forces. More here


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