Being Purposeful: Applying Yourself to What Matters Most with Vic Strecher


Original Air Date Wednesday, March 25, 2020 

Purpose is creating a goal or a set of goals around what means most to you in your life. Research suggests that people who live a purposeful life live longer and those with a strong purpose are 2.4 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. But, if you find yourself aimlessly going through the motions of work and home life, all is not lost. Finding what you are good at can lead you to your purpose which is a powerful predictor of your future well-being, your physical health, and even love. With the intention of discovering what science says about the role of purpose in life Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen attended the Michigan Ross Positive Business Conference to speak with Dr. Vic Strecher, the Director of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. Dr. Strecher researches how living a purposeful life affects all aspects of the human experience. During this conversation, he shares examples of his research, his thoughts on volunteering, books, and authors that have influenced him, and how organizations can create a purpose that employees can adopt as their own.

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Dr. Vic Strecher — The Benefits of Being Purposeful:

● Dr. Strecher explains why people who live with purpose or are more purposeful live longer. [2:11]

● Is it impossible to be sustainably happy hedonically? [8:40]

● Dr. Strecher describes what it is like to ignite purpose in others. [15:52]

● Bringing love into the lives of college students and young people can reduce suicidal thoughts and help them flourish. [22:29]

● Considering your death can lead to living your best life every day. [29:56]

● How do you build more purpose-driven organizations? [35:29]

● Attaining work/life purpose through SPACE. [41:35]

● How volunteering during a gap year can add purpose to your life. [47:02]

Dr. Vic Strecher has been a Professor in the UM School of Public Health since 1995. He founded the Center for Health Communications Research. Currently, as Director for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, Dr. Strecher is helping the University of Michigan disseminate research to the real world, improving the public’s health nationally and globally.

Book: Life on Purpose: How Living for What Matters Most Changes Everything

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“Purpose is creating a goal or a set of goals around what means most to you in your life.” @KumanuLife on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet “People with a strong purpose are 2.4 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.” @KumanuLife on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet “People who are more hedonic produce more pro-inflammatory cells which cause cancer and heart disease.” @KumanuLife on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“When we are purposeless we are conflicted by everything.” @KumanuLife on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet “All the reality television and other crap we have in our lives is distracting us increasingly.” @KumanuLife on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Love the self-transcending parts of your life. That is what creates happiness.” @KumanuLife on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“When I teach my students I realize they have needs other than just getting a decent grade in my class.” @KumanuLife on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Most people spend most of their waking hours at work so let's start with, can people find meaning at work.” @KumanuLife on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“You can't make purpose go away. It still comes out as a powerful predictor of your future well-being, your physical health, and even your life.” @KumanuLife on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Some of the most interesting people I have ever met in business are people who volunteered through the Peace Corps or Ameri-Corps and came back a changed person.” @KumanuLife on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“What you really have to find out is what you are good at so you can move and shift with the chaos of life.” @KumanuLife on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Hedonic happiness is not sustainable because we always want more.” @LisaKamen on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet “How do you show up for your own life?” @LisaKamen on @HH_TalkRadio Click To TweetTWEETABLES