Brain Boosting: The Art of Mental Muscle-Toning with Elaine Fox PhD, Amit Goswami PhD & Valentina R Onisor MD

Original Air Date Wednesday, November 16, 2022 

There are many facets of the human experience we have yet to fully comprehend. While we have mapped out the systems and attributes of our physical bodies, very little is understood about the intuitive and spiritual aspects of our complex selves.

Quantum physics offers us a glimpse into our connection with the universe. To help us navigate the widely uncharted territory of the ethereal, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with three authors who write about mental agility, mental hygiene, brain boosting, and spiritual practice. Elaine Fox is the Head of the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide, Australia, and the author of Switch Craft: The Hidden Power of Mental Agility. She describes the concept of Switch Crafting and how to increase longevity and satisfaction in life. Quantum Physicist, Amit Goswami, and Valentina Onisor, a pioneer of quantum integrated medicine discuss the essence of the book they co-authored, The Quantum Brain: Understand, Rewire, and Optimize Your Brain. They also explain the role of the chakras and preconscious in determining health and happiness.

Elaine Fox Ph.D. — The Art of Mental Muscle-toning and Brain Boosting:

  • Elaine Fox shares a comical story of how a plot was foiled due to stress. [1:57]
  • Based on her book, Elaine explains what Switch Crafting is and shares why it is important. [3:22]
  • The Four Powerful Psychological Talents from Elaine’s book, Switch Craft. [6:16]
  • Openness to experience and intellectual humility keeps mental arthritis at bay and builds resilience. [13:46]
  • In her book, Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain, Elaine Fox explores why some people are optimists and some are pessimists. [21:54]

Elaine Fox Ph.D., guest of new podcast episode about brain boosting with Amit Goswami Ph.D. & Valentina Onisor MDElaine Fox, PhD is a psychologist, author, and the Head of the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide, Australia. Prior to her move to Australia, Dr. Fox founded and directed the Oxford Centre for Emotions & Affective Neuroscience (OCEAN) at the University of Oxford, a renowned research center exploring the nature of resilience and mental wellbeing. A cognitive psychologist by training, she is a leading mental health researcher combining genetics, psychology, and neuroscience in her work. Dr. Fox also runs Oxford Elite Performance, a consulting group bringing cutting-edge science and psychology to those at the top levels of sport, business, and the military. Her 2012 book Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain is an international bestseller. SWITCH CRAFT (HarperOne) is also currently available.

Book: Switch Craft: The Hidden Power of Mental Agility

Switch Craft
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Amit Goswami Ph.D. & Valentina Onisor MD — Brain Boosting:

  • Amit Goswami explains Newtonian physics, unity consciousness, and quantum physics. [31:41]
  • Valentina Onisor explains the conditioned brain and how we may be missing the mark about happiness. [34:46]
  • Amit describes how the quantum self is separate from the preconscious and the ego self and how to rewire the brain. [40:46]
  • Creating positive brain circuits is the key to unlocking noble emotions to transform and rewire the brain. [44:50]
  • Finding meaning in life is essential to healing ourselves mentally and physically. [48:55]

Amit Goswami Ph.D. & Valentina Onisor MD, guests of new podcast episode about brain boosting with Elaine Fox Ph.D.Amit Goswami, PhD is a retired professor of physics from the University of Oregon where he served from 1968-1997. In 1985, he discovered the solution to the quantum measurement problem and developed a science of experience explicating how consciousness splits into subject and object. In 1999 he founded the quantum activism movement.

Valentina Onisor, MD, specializes in family medicine where she integrates various systems of alternative medicine into her medical practice. Committed to consciousness-awakening-related sciences for over two decades and a pioneer of quantum integrative medicine, Valentina also teaches yoga and meditation.

Book: The Quantum Brain: Understand, Rewire, and Optimize Your Brain

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