Entrepreneurs Who Think Big and Start Simple: How to Successfully Launch Your New Business with Jim Price

Original Air Date Wednesday, January 22, 2020 


In the media, the startup tech world of Silicon Valley has been portrayed as the new ‘beau monde’ and the place where the cool kids go to work.


But, when you peel back the onion of the underlying culture of 20-something bros and the idea that a person ages out at age 35, the glamor fades. And when you compare that with the midwestern community-driven business style, the divide is broad. To hone in on key points from his presentation, Good and Bad Lessons on Company Culture from Silicon Valley, given at the Michigan Ross Positive Business Conference, Jim Price connects with Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen. Jim describes how some startups who disregard the status quo can be extraordinarily innovative, how he changes the imbalances in workplace equality, how failures shape us, and why thinking big is the only way to go.

In this week’s episode:
• Innovation in the start-up business model
• Positively changing workplace imbalance
• Advancing women and people of color to the C-Suite
• Creating businesses that enrich communities

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Jim Price — Think Big:
● Jim describes how HBO’s portrayal of Silicon Valley is decidedly realistic. [1:52]
● Thinking young, aging out, and challenging the art of possibility found in tech startups. [5:59]
● Why fake it ‘till you make it doesn’t work in today’s economy. [12:32]
● Jim speaks of creating companies with intellectual humility and kindness to build and enrich entire communities. [16:08]
● Addressing the elephant in business: There are few women and people of color in the entrepreneur space and C-suite positions. [25:01]
● Jim’s tip for entrepreneurs is to allow yourself to think big. [33:02]

Jim Price is a serial entrepreneur, author, and business educator. For over two decades, he’s launched and led several tech-enabled businesses, and delivered superior returns for his shareholders through multiple M&A, sales and an IPO. Since 2003, Jim has also held a faculty post at Michigan Ross, where he teaches the startup craft to MBAs and mentors student entrepreneurs from all over the University.

Book: The Launch Lens: 20 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask

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