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The beauty of media is that it offers a passive medium for healing. Information is shared with us and we always get to decide how to interpret it. As the consumer, we get to be in control of how we use this data. We cannot control what goes on out there in the world but we do get to choose how we relate to any issue. As the CEOs of our own lives, we are always in control of what kind of brain food we consume.

Anything we create at Harvesting Happiness is always in service to promoting the health and well-being of the greater good.

The work of Harvesting Happiness is to plant the seeds for making shift happen. Change comes only when we are ready to embrace it.

It’s yours for the taking. Get fresh advice with a positive psychology spin that’ll add a spring to your step as you move through whatever life throws at you.

Check our video collection to learn more about specific lifestyle and well-being interventions. All videos provide a quick dose of positive action.

Learn more about Lisa Cypers Kamen and Harvesting Happiness in the media. Her work is recognized for casting a wide net of skills and services that support global optimal lifestyle management in a variety of settings.

Looking for in-person or virtual programming? See what’s happening on our events page. There you will find upcoming classes, listening circles, coaching programs, and more.

Harvesting Happiness Articles and Mentions



Harvesting Happiness Articles and Mentions


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