Original Air Date Wednesday September 13, 2017

In this week’s episode you will learn about:

Finding calm amidst life’s chaos

 Sleep deprivation’s relation to depression

Why sleep trackers aren’t accurate

Creating better sleep hygiene in your home





Meir Kryger, MD, is a professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine who has been treating patients with sleep disorders for over 40 years. He described the first case of sleep apnea in North America. He is chief editor of the most widely used textbook used in sleep medicine, The Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, now in its sixth edition, and the Atlas of Clinical Sleep Medicine. More here

Jim Brickman began playing piano at the age of 4. His Tin Pan Alley sensibility, uncomplicated melodies and down-to-earth nature have taken him from the Grand Ole Opry to Carnegie Hall, and Disney World to the White House. He has written three best-selling books, Simple Things, Love Notes and his latest Soothe – How To Find Calm Amidst Everyday Chaos. More here

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