Harvesting Happiness Playfulness and Humor

Humor and playfulness are two traits that everyone ought to value and incorporate more of in their lives. Have you ever been around someone who had a cheerful heart and made you laugh and feel good every time you ran into them? Were they playful with not a care in the world? Did their playful nature make you want to be the same way?

The ability to laugh and have fun comes easy for children, but too many people lose that quality once they grow up. Look around. Notice how many people look miserable. Look at their faces while driving. Check out the moms’ screaming at their kids in the stores. With chronic stress being at an all-time high, men and women are suffocating the humor and playfulness that wants to come out.

It’s time to stop for a minute and think about your life. Are you too serious? Do you have a difficult time laughing and being playful? If so, make a decision today to change that up.

You can let loose some and have fun no matter what is going on in your life. If you’re not sure how, here are some great tips to incorporate into your life:

Be a smile spreader: Each day make it your aim to make someone smile or laugh. Pay a compliment. Crack a joke. Do something goofy. Take the job of causing others to smile seriously because the world needs more smiles and laughter! You’ll find that as you do this, you’ll smile and laugh a whole lot more too.

Learn jokes: Become a bit of a joke teller. Learn some funny jokes so that when the time is right you can tell them and make people laugh.

Watch funny shows: If you want more humor in your life, try watching comedies or comedians. As you watch you will laugh and simply feel more playful. Ever get down in the dumps? Watch your favorite comedians and you’ll surely feel your spirit lifted in no time.

Read the comics: Children love comics because they have a playful spirit. Read the comics every once in a while and let your playfulness come out. You’ll find yourself smiling at the corny jokes for sure.

Learn a funny trick or routine: Maybe you like to perform tricks or do funny dances. Perhaps you like to imitate others. Whatever it is you like to do that makes others laugh, put some time into practicing that and perform when you have the chance.

Making the decision to be humorous and playful is a decision you won’t regret. Not only will you feel better, but the people around you will feel better too!!!


Harvesting Happiness blog archives, originally published June 11th, 2014