Afflicted and Addicted: Lusting to Feel Good and the Global Public Health Crisis of Substance Abuse with Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman MD, Mike Long and Travis Lupick

Original Air Date Wednesday, November 14, 2018 

Drug overdose is the number one cause of death among people under the age of 50 in the US and Canada.

Effective treatment options for those afflicted with substance abuse issues are limited and there is a lack of government participation. But, why? All of us want to feel good and many people who become addicted are just trying to combat their depression and pain. Lisa’s guests, Dr. Daniel Lieberman, and Mike Long describe the upside of dopamine and its role in human existence. Then, Travis Lupick unpacks the story of how the city of Vancouver, Canada, defies the stigma of drug consumption and helps substance abusers get clean.

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Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman &  Mike Long — The Molecule of More

●The role dopamine plays in a human’s desire for more. [3:17]
● Is love an imaginary construct that only exists in our minds? [6:42]
●What makes ADD and ADHD patients more susceptible to addiction? [11:15]
● The dopamine system is behind both creativity and madness. [20:49]
●The dissatisfaction component of dopamine is the engine of human progress, more is where the money is, and free will. [26:27]


Dr. Daniel Z Lieberman is a professor and Vice Chair for clinical affairs in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University. He has provided insight on psychiatric issues for the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, the US Dept of Commerce and the office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and has discussed mental health interviews on CNN, C-Span, and PBS

Michael E. Long is an award-winning speechwriter, screenwriter, and playwright. A popular speaker and educator, Mr. Long has addressed audiences around the world including a keynote at Oxford University.  He teaches writing at Georgetown University where he is a former Director of Writing. Mr. Long pursued undergraduate studies at Murray State University and graduate studies at Vanderbilt University.  Book: The Molecule of More: How a Single Chemical in Your Brain Drives Love, Sex, and Creativity— And Will Determine the Fate of the Human Race

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Travis Lupick — Is it Time to Decriminalize Drug Addiction?:

● The fentanyl crisis and the addiction epidemic is an effort to reduce the pain caused by human suffering. [37:40]
● How Vancouver handles the public health crisis of substance abuse with harm prevention techniques, housing options, and offering prescription heroin. [39:50]
● Travis Lupick describes how harm reduction sites, volunteers, and mothers work to end substance abuse. [53:58]


Travis Lupick is an award-winning journalist based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. He works as a staff reporter for the Georgia Straight newspaper and has also written about drug addiction, harm reduction, and mental health for the Toronto Star and Al Jazeera English, among other outlets. For his reporting on Canada’s opioid crisis, Lupick received the Canadian Association of Journalists’ prestigious Don McGillivray award for best overall investigative report of 2016 and two 2017 Jack Webster awards for excellence in B.C. journalism.  Book: Fighting for Space: How a Group of Drug Users Transformed One City’s Struggle with Addiction.

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