Parenting Solid Citizens: Engaging the Golden Rules of Life to Raise Resilient and Compassionate Whole-Hearted Kids with Darby Fox, LCSW & Jeanie Cisco-Meth


Original Air Date Wednesday, April 28, 2021 


Transitioning to working and learning online due to the pandemic has shifted the way we parent and the way our kids learn. There are many silver lining aspects of staying at home such as enhanced social connections between parents and teenagers, and increased collaboration skills but there are also several not-so-bright facets such as, it is easy for the mind to wander after several hours of screen time and critical social interactions between children are lost. To find out how parents can raise a solid, resilient citizen despite the challenges, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two authors of parenting books. Darby Fox discusses how modeling is the most effective tool a parent has to teach kids, and Jeanie Cisco-Meth offers tips on how we can help children tame internal and external bullies.


Darby Fox — Raising Resilient and Compassionate Kids:

  • During the pandemic, we saw a significant shift in parenting. [1:59]
  • The difference between parenting and modeling. [3:00]
  • How to create win-win situations when dealing with a child’s disappointment or failure. [5:16]
  • Teenagers are hard-wired to please but they need to feel they have some control over who they will become. [11:39]
  • Online learning is better in theory than it is in practice. [15:01]
  • Teens have become more resilient and connected to their parents socially and attained new skills during the pandemic. [19:56]
woman with blue jean jacket and white shirt, guest of Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio's new episode about parenting and resilient, compassionate kids with Darby Fox & Jeanie Cisco-Meth

Darby Fox, LCSW

Darby Fox, LCSW, is a child and adolescent family therapist in private practice in Connecticut and New York. With over twenty years of experience, she is an expert on parenting, child psychology, and family topics. Appearing regularly on-air and in print media, Fox covers a range of topics, from parenting questions and discipline techniques to current trends in child development.

Book: Rethinking Your Teenager: Shifting from Control and Conflict to Structure and Nurture to Raise Accountable Young Adults


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Jeanie Cisco-Meth — Creating a Compassionate feeling For Yourself and Others:

  • Possible reasons why bullying is more prevalent now than at any other time. [28:08]
  • Taming the external and internal bully. [30:07]
  • How to build a child’s resilience with compassionate character and classic signs of bullying. [36:26]
  • In her book, Bully Proofing You, Jeanie made an effort to make it interactive, holistic, and positive. [41:48]
  • Summarizing why hurt people hurt people. [49:34]


woman with orange shirt andblue necklace on bright background, guest of Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio's new episode about parenting and resilient, compassionate kids with Darby Fox & Jeanie Cisco-Meth

Jeanie Cisco-Meth

Jeanie Cisco-Meth proves that teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible. As a seventeen-year high school educator specializing in taking troubled teens from where they were to where they needed to be, Jeanie has become an expert in communication, motivation techniques, and productivity improvement that apply to business, sports, and management.

Book: Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence And Personal Value From The Inside Out


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