Transforming Suffering to Freedom: Gain Greater Resilience with Dr. Elizabeth Stanley & Blake D. Bauer


Original Air Date Wednesday, April 21, 2021 


When we are children, unbeknownst to us, neural pathways are being wired together in our brains. This neural-biological wiring colors all our future decisions, how we deal with stress and trauma, and our level of contentment. If we experienced trauma as children, shifting how we interact with the world is not always easy. To discover strategies and concepts that help us heal, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two authors who have their own personal, transformational journeys. Dr. Elizabeth Stanley studies the neural biological wiring in our brain as it relates to stress and trauma. She shares concepts and strategies from her book, Widen the Window. And, Blake D. Bauer found his way out of addiction through meditation and mindfulness which he describes in his book, You Were Not Born to Suffer.


Dr. Elizabeth Stanley — The Science of Suffering and Resilience:

  •  Dr. Elizabeth Stanley explains her Widen the Window metaphor for resilience. [2:13]
  • The thinking brain and the survival brain process stressors differently. [4:21]
  • In her book, Widen the Window, Dr. Stanley studies the science of stress trauma and resilience. [6:35]
  • Strategies for recovering from suffering, stress and trauma and widen your window. [13:33]
  • The acceptable cultural behaviors that are double-edged swords. [19:28]
  • Intergenerational trauma and how it plays out in families and social environments. [21:44]
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Dr. Elizabeth Stanley

Elizabeth A. Stanley, Ph.D., is an associate professor of security studies at Georgetown University. She is the creator of Mindfulness-Based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)®, taught to thousands in civilian and military high-stress environments. A U.S. Army veteran with service in Asia and Europe, she holds degrees from Yale, Harvard, and MIT. She’s also is a certified practitioner of Somatic Experiencing

Book: Widen the Window: Training Your Brain and Body to Thrive During Stress and Recover from Trauma


Elizabeth Stanley Website

Blake Bauer — Transforming Suffering into Freedom:

  • Blake  Bauer shares his personal journey through drug addiction. [28:01}
  • Transforming self-judgment and self-destructive habits into self-love and self-care that result in freedom. [35:02]
  • Blake explains the concepts of unconditional self-acceptance, self-love, and functional sanity. [40:45]
  • The illusion of normalcy and the difficult task of surviving this world when you are exhausted. [46:33]
  • Science shows mindfulness and meditation heals and it’s free to everyone. [51:08]


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Blake Bauer

Blake D. Bauer is a world-renowned teacher and speaker with an extensive background in psychology, alternative medicine, nutrition, traditional healing, and mindfulness meditation. Based on his personal experience overcoming deep suffering, addiction, and adversity, as well as his professional success, Blake’s pioneering work integrates what he’s found to be the most effective approaches to freedom and to optimal mental, emotional, and physical health.

Book: You Were Not Born to Suffer: Love Yourself Back to Inner Peace, Health, Happiness & Fulfillment


Unconditional Self Love Website
@BlakeBauer on Twitter
Blake Bauer on Facebook

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“Human beings find lots of crafty ways to take us out of stressed states.” @LisaKamen on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“We are averse to discomfort; we have an aversion to dealing with our own emotional discomfort.” @LisaKamen on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Many of us are not taught social or emotional intelligence in school.” @LisaKamen on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Thoughts are not facts.” @LisaKamen on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Normalcy is highly overrated.” @LisaKamen on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Resilience is not a static thing that we have or we don't.” ― Dr. Elizabeth Stanley on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Stress arousal has negative effects that compromise our thinking brain function.” ― Dr. Elizabeth Stanley on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Survival brain hijacking is when our behaviors are driven by our emotions and our stress.” ― Dr. Elizabeth Stanley on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“We are social animals and we are wired to connect.” ― Dr. Elizabeth Stanley on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Adding a little more white space in your schedule allows for flexibility when a plan is interrupted.” ― Dr. Elizabeth Stanley on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“We do all of our initial neural-biological wiring, in relation to our early social environments.” ― Dr. Elizabeth Stanley on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“The combination of the intense psychological and emotional pain I had at 18 was a lot of pressure.” @BlakeBauer on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“The chain of pain continues to the next generation.” @BlakeBauer on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet



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