Coming Home to Yourself: Realize Your Purpose at Any Age with Lalah Delia & Lucinda Bakken White

Original Air Date Wednesday, March 4, 2020 

Domestication of our mind can cause the soul to hide away creating an imbalance in our energy field. For many of us, the more we strive to fit in or be accepted the further we get from embracing our true nature. But, no matter what our age it is not too late to raise our vibration and realize our purpose to get in touch with the wildly voracious, spiritual creature inside of us. To unveil the previously covered truth about what it means to be a spiritual being in a human body, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two women who have raised their vibrations to re-engage with their true authentic nature. Lalah Delia is a community builder who lives her life with mindfulness and intention to enlighten others. And, Lucinda Bakken White is a former domesticated worker who has re-ignited her wild side by tracking down her totem animal and by becoming an Inner Wildness Guide.

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Lalah Delia — Raising Your Vibration Can Energize Your Life:
  • Lalah had reached the point of hopelessness before being set free by raising her energetic vibrations. [2:00]
  • The role vibration and tone play in our lives and how it affects our environment. [6:33]
  • Lalah describes the influence her father had on her creative and vibrational outlook. [17:21]
  • Examples of how you can scale up your tone and alter your environment. [24:52]

Lalah Delia is a certified spiritual practitioner, spiritual writer, and the founder of Vibrate Higher Daily, a vibrational-living online community and mentoring program. Delia is an ambassador for Reebok’s #BeMoreHuman campaign, has spoken at panels across the country like SXSW and Girlboss Rally, and has been featured in various media outlets, including Glamour magazine, GirlBoss Radio, Bustle, Black Girl in Om, LA YOGA, Hollywood Reporter, Thoughtful magazine, and Essence. She recently moved back to her native Los Angeles, CA.

Book: Vibrating Higher Daily: Live Your Power

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Lucinda Bakken White — Finding Connection and Balance:
  • Lucinda describes what a bone woman is and the meaning of authentic wildness from her book, Confessions of a Bone Woman. [31:46]
  • Cindy worked at IBM but Cindy wasn’t happy. Lucinda needed to re-emerge to bring the balance back into her life. [34:42]
  • Why the world is suffering a spiritual crisis and how we can make peace. [38:36]
  • The special gift elders need to share with the world. [49:54]

Lucinda Bakken White began her professional career with an MBA and a coveted position at IBM. Throughout the years Lucinda’s deep connection with nature and her insatiable quest for learning have led her to study and work with internationally acclaimed philosophers and prominent figures across a broad spectrum of disci

Book: Confessions of a Bone Woman: Realizing Authentic Wildness in a Civilized World


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“The comfort zone can also be the torture chamber.” @LisaKamen on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“For one to live their most fulfilled path it is to be of use to others. Service is the pathway to vibrate higher to a sustainable level of happiness, contentment, or well-being.” @LisaKamen on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“A stroke of genius can be ignited from the worst crisis.” @LisaKamen on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Our vibration governs everything we bring into our lives.” @LalahDelia on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet “I was looking to other people to validate my identity, joy, and sense of self-worth.” @LalahDelia on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“Sometimes when we stay in our comfort zones too long they become toxic if it wasn't already toxic from the get-go. We need to move on in our lives and realize what real joy and healing are.” @LalahDelia on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet “Taking your power back is a way to set yourself free.” @LalahDelia on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“We are all our own environment. Your vibration controls how your environment feels.” @LalahDelia on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“I love showing up every day in service and channeling the message of vibrate higher daily in whatever way comes through.” @LalahDelia on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“My father vibrated at a higher level. His influence fed into my creativity.” @LalahDelia on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“We are being molded to become the hero of our life. If we surrender to the process we can overcome the victim to be the hero.” @LalahDelia on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet “When you start honoring your vibration it gets clearer and guides you.” @LalahDelia on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“A bone woman collects animal bones which is symbolic of her reclaiming the parts of herself that have been tamed and shamed.” @theLucindaWhite on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet “Everything that happens is an opportunity to grow and to have more self-awareness.” @theLucindaWhite on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“All is good until it is out of balance.” @theLucindaWhite on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet “Instead of seeking outward, go inward and find out what your authentic self needs to heal.” @theLucindaWhite on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet“When you are a parent try not to shape your children into your mold but to recognize their authenticity.” @theLucindaWhite on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet “We are a society that over-emphasizes the material aspects of life and we fear death and aging.” @theLucindaWhite on @HH_TalkRadio Click To Tweet



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