Elder Wisdom: Sage Insights on Growing Old through Passionate Living with Elizabeth Marshall Thomas & Elaine Mays

Original Air Date Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Not that long ago elders in our families and tribes were held in high esteem.

They were given platforms to tell their stories and share life experiences that enriched and entertained the younger members of the clan. Regrettably, in the modern age, sage advice from the elderly goes mostly unheard. Why, now, is there less interest in those of us with the most knowledge? Why does growing older carry a stigma? To gather unique insights and experienced perspectives, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two engaging authors who have lived their long lives with purpose and curiosity. At 89, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas is an avid traveler and has written 14 books. She shares takeaways from her newest book, Growing Old: Notes on Aging with Something Like Grace, and her opinions as to why some have a prejudice about aging. And at 80 years young, Elaine Mays has written 7 novels that stem from her real-life travels. She shares nuggets from her book, Borneo Experience, and explains why she is a champion for the natural world.

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas — Growing Old with Grace: 
  • Elizabeth describes how she ages with grace. [3:26]
  • Elizabeth shares her thoughts about the current climate in the U.S. as compared to other significant times in her life. [8:18]
  • Meeting our human ancestors was one of the most impactful experiences of Elizabeth’s life. [13:32]
  • The simplest things in life are the most satisfying. [24:21]
  • Sage advice from Elizabeth about what is important to pay attention to during a lifetime. [26:29]

Elizabeth Thomas Marshall has written fourteen books during her half-century career, including several New York Times bestsellers. She holds a BA from Radcliffe College and an MA from the George Washington University. Born in Boston in 1931, she now lives on her family’s former farm in New  Hampshire.

Book: Growing Old: Notes on Aging with Something Like Grace


Elizabeth Marshall Thomas Website



Elaine Mays — Sage Wisdom and Self-Reliance:

  • Through her stories, Elaine raises awareness of the unethical treatment of animals at the hands of humans. [33:22]
  • The more adversity Elaine endured the stronger it made her. [38:43]
  • Having children is not always easy. [46:00]
  • How Elaine stays healthy and happy. [49:13]

After a long career as a software design engineer with several large corporations, Elaine Mays wrote and has published seven novels under the pen name of Hannah Stevens. She is also a breast cancer survivor of nine years. She lives with her two dogs, a Brittany Spaniel, Lily, and a Weimaraner, Sophia in Phoenix, Arizona.

Book: Borneo Experience


Hannah Stevens Author



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